• Extending the capital market remit into the specialty sector
  • A diverse portfolio spanning energy, aviation & space, and cyber
  • Connecting markets through precisely engineered solutions

At Arcus 1856, our broad spectrum underwriting expertise and ILS capabilities enable our clients to capitalise on the full potential of a multi-faceted specialty portfolio, extending the investment remit of our capital market partners well beyond the property catastrophe arena.

Our specialty portfolio encompasses numerous business lines, including:

  • Energy
  • Aviation & Space
  • Cyber

Why work with us

As one of the most respected ILS teams in the London market with firmly established convergence credentials, we are ideally positioned to act as a conduit between alternative capital market investors and the vast potential contained within the specialty re/insurance sector.

Our ability to connect these two markets through precisely engineered re/insurance solutions reflects the unique customer base that we operate across, which encompasses forward thinking, proactive, and innovative members of both the global financial and insurance communities.